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63 Studios is an exclusive marketing company, established to provide customized technology solutions to music, media, entertainment, and performing arts marketing challenges.
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63 Studios

Created by GEMINI Urban Media, 63 Studios is an exclusive marketing company, established to provide customized technology solutions to music, media, entertainment, and performing arts marketing challenges. Our backgrounds in brand advertising, digital media & analytics, web design and local market planning, enable us to offer artist the best of all worlds! You get the high level of professionalism with the hands-on, real-world perspective of people who know the importance of each and every one of your fans.

The site is also designed to be a mobile app. View it on any mobile device or tablet to see its features.

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Exercise City6:03

Exercise City was created because it is easier to reach your weight loss goal with the right help.


Exercise City


We for see ExerciseCity.org being your No. 1 network for fitness and health related materials. ExerciseCity.org should be your go to resource to find places to exercise. But it doesn't stop at choosing your fitness destination. We are offering great ways for you to promote your fitness site, location, products and brand.

Finding out where to workout is only a part of the problem. Most people prefer to workout with someone. Why? Because it's more fun and keeps you motivated. With ExerciseCity.org, you can see which classes your friends are registered for and vice versa, making it easier to workout together. Since ExerciseCity.org is focused on being social, you can also see who's registered for the classes you're planning on attending and connect with them. Make some new local friends and make your workout experience more enjoyable. So enough! Join now for free!

Exercise City

The Diamonds Magazine

Diamonds Magazine, the sister magazine of 100 PROOF Magazine, showcases some of the most beautiful and talented up and coming models from around the country and around the world.

Currently in development(as of June 2013), DIAMONDS Magazine is introducing the DIAMOND Mine Model Network. This will be a place where models, photographers, agencies and fans will be able interact and connect like never before.

100 PROOF Magazine: Hip Hop Music, Fashion and Culture In It's Purest Form!

Started as a front and back newsletter on a college campus, 100 PROOF Magazine has won numerous publication awards including Best Urban Magazine Award from the Ohio Hip Hop Awards and being featured on the Business Section's front page of The Plain Dealer.

Over the years, 100 PROOF Magazine has changed the way people look at hip hop and continues to raise the bar.
Currently under construction, the new 100 PROOF Magazine online publication, mobile app and music social community will once again set the standard in the new age of hip hop music.

Our Clients, Our Family, Our Friends


Just a couple of quick facts about the Vision Creators at GEMINI Urban Media.

prefer working with people who are fun, passionate and knowledgeable about their work
believe alcohol should be allowed at work because it helps them work better
said that working by the pool should be a summer requirement
would like to see the Internet Explorer browser shut down
hate when people say web designers just use templates
think a four day work week would be the best thing ever

About GEMINI Urban Media

GEMINI Urban Media provides an inclusive range of services to small businesses or large corporations, no client is to big or small. Whether your company is of an industrial nature or even in the entertainment field, we are able to provide a vision that compliments your company’s need and purpose.

At GEMINI Urban Media, we are equally passionate about great design as we are customer service! Our valued customers come to us with good ideas, which we then collaborate to turn those ideas into recognizable brand and marketing vehicles. Our primary goal is to provide qualitative, significant work that is effective on Madison Avenue or Main Street.

Every Vision Creator of the GEMINI Urban Media Staff is highly skilled at their position. Each member is also trained in other technologies to ensure no matter who you work with, you are getting the correct information right away.


Contact Us

E-mail: info@geminiurbanmedia.com

Phone: 440.973.6380